Climate strike 2021, a guide to finding your reps, email template, and phone script. Underneath text is a graphic of the earth with the words code red.

Climate Strike 2021 Action Guide

Regardless if you’re able to attend an in-person climate strike this year, making your voice heard as a citizen is incredibly important. Below is an email template that you can copy/paste and edit to your liking to send to your

how to write to your city council members email template text on background with a pen and piece of paper

How to Write to your City Council Members Template

A way to contribute to your community and start movements to fight the climate crisis locally is bringing issues up to your city council, or proposing changes you want to see. All forms of systemic change, even if it’s in

Write to companies about their packaging title image with plastic bag

Write to Companies About Their Packaging

How to Write to Companies about their Packaging It is the absolute most frustrating thing to have a company where you love their ethics or their product, but the packaging the product comes in is either wasteful, plastic, or unnecessary.

Sustainable Gift Guide 2020

I haven’t been too active on this blog lately but I decided I wanted to make a gift guide to compile all my Instagram/Tiktok posts about sustainable gifts and brands, as well as add a few more for different price

Top 5 Clothing Thrifting Tips

Only 10% of items in thrift stores get sold. This is a scary statistic. The rest typically gets dumped in landfills here, or shipped off to 3rd world countries in the form of ‘donations’ and dumped in clothing dumps and

Low Waste Skincare Routine 2020

I made a new video on my channel about low waste skincare and some “green beauty” myths. Check it out below! This is actually the very first video idea I had. I wanted to help someone else find a skincare

What you ACTUALLY can and can’t recycle

I have found that so many well-meaning individuals don’t know what actually is or isn’t recyclable The problem is that when a non-recyclable item is thrown into the same bin as a recyclable item, the bin is “contaminated” and the

6 Ways Zero Waste Has Saved Me Money

I am a college student with a minimum wage job. This means I have a tight budget, so I prefer to spend my money carefully. There is a belief that zero waste is reserved for the elite- this may be

5 Beginner Simple Swaps

Looking to do a little more than using a reusable bag, bottle, and coffee cup? Here are 5 slightly more advanced steps to reduce your waste. Remember to use what you have first and that you don’t need to buy