What you ACTUALLY can and can’t recycle

I have found that so many well-meaning individuals don’t know what actually is or isn’t recyclable The problem is that when a non-recyclable item is thrown into the same bin as a recyclable item, the bin is “contaminated” and the

Zero Waste Gift Wrap

Did you know that most wrapping paper is not recyclable? Also, glitter is microplastics: they never go away, never break down, and pollute water systems that cannot be filtered out. Gift wrap is definitely not the most unsustainable part of the holiday season, when consumerism runs wild. However, it is an easy and visual way to cut down on waste. So how do you wrap gifts sustainably?

10 Inexpensive Sustainable Christmas Gifts for Anyone

The holiday season is the most wonderful (albeit wasteful) time of the year. How do you affordably give someone feelings of holiday joy without giving them trashy disposable products? 1. Experience and DIY Gifts Experience gifts sound expensive: many people

7 Ways to Go Zero Waste in College

Grab low hanging fruit. Start with easy things. College is a very stressful time. You have exams, labs, papers, friends, activities, and sports all competing for your time. Take a deep breath, and repeat this: I do not need to