Sustainable Gift Guide 2020

I haven’t been too active on this blog lately but I decided I wanted to make a gift guide to compile all my Instagram/Tiktok posts about sustainable gifts and brands, as well as add a few more for different price

6 Ways Zero Waste Has Saved Me Money

I am a college student with a minimum wage job. This means I have a tight budget, so I prefer to spend my money carefully. There is a belief that zero waste is reserved for the elite- this may be

Zero Waste Gift Wrap

Did you know that most wrapping paper is not recyclable? Also, glitter is microplastics: they never go away, never break down, and pollute water systems that cannot be filtered out. Gift wrap is definitely not the most unsustainable part of the holiday season, when consumerism runs wild. However, it is an easy and visual way to cut down on waste. So how do you wrap gifts sustainably?

10 Inexpensive Sustainable Christmas Gifts for Anyone

The holiday season is the most wonderful (albeit wasteful) time of the year. How do you affordably give someone feelings of holiday joy without giving them trashy disposable products? 1. Experience and DIY Gifts Experience gifts sound expensive: many people

Sustainable Makeup Routine

Sustainable Makeup Routine

The cosmetics industry generates lots of waste, and the ingredients of many makeup products can be harvested unethically (see Mica harvesting). Most products are non recyclable, like palettes, pumps, and makeup wipes. Also, people overconsume makeup all the time- There

What’s the deal with vegan leather?

The animal product industry is not a sustainable one. Rainforests and natural habitats are burned down for cattle farming, and the amount of methane they produce is enormous. Not to mention the animal cruelty that comes with the meat industry.

7 Ways to Go Zero Waste in College

Grab low hanging fruit. Start with easy things. College is a very stressful time. You have exams, labs, papers, friends, activities, and sports all competing for your time. Take a deep breath, and repeat this: I do not need to