Top 5 Clothing Thrifting Tips

Only 10% of items in thrift stores get sold. This is a scary statistic. The rest typically gets dumped in landfills here, or shipped off to 3rd world countries in the form of ‘donations’ and dumped in clothing dumps and

6 Ways Zero Waste Has Saved Me Money

I am a college student with a minimum wage job. This means I have a tight budget, so I prefer to spend my money carefully. There is a belief that zero waste is reserved for the elite- this may be

5 Beginner Simple Swaps

Looking to do a little more than using a reusable bag, bottle, and coffee cup? Here are 5 slightly more advanced steps to reduce your waste. Remember to use what you have first and that you don’t need to buy

7 EXTREME Zero Waste Swaps

Not for the faint of heart. These may or may not be extreme to you depending on how long you’ve been in the sustainability game, but I asked my friends what they consider the most “extreme” things I do or

Sustainable Makeup Routine

Sustainable Makeup Routine

The cosmetics industry generates lots of waste, and the ingredients of many makeup products can be harvested unethically (see Mica harvesting). Most products are non recyclable, like palettes, pumps, and makeup wipes. Also, people overconsume makeup all the time- There

A Look Inside My Zero Waste Dorm Room

Living in a dorm can be hard in general, so doing your best with zero waste can seem impossible. But once you fall into a routine it’s awesome- by default, most of your stuff gets a lot prettier when you