Climate strike 2021, a guide to finding your reps, email template, and phone script. Underneath text is a graphic of the earth with the words code red.

Regardless if you’re able to attend an in-person climate strike this year, making your voice heard as a citizen is incredibly important. Below is an email template that you can copy/paste and edit to your liking to send to your representatives. While it may be scary, I highly encourage calling over emailing as it is less popular and more effective at reaching people.

Click here to find your Senator

Click here to find your House Representatives

Physical letters for the senate can be sent to:

(Name of Committee)
United States Senate
Washington, D.C. 20510

You can also call the number (202)-318-1885 and use the script below adapted from #CallforClimate.

Phone Script/Email Template featuring bill proposal from #CallforCLimate

Hi, my name is [YOUR NAME], I am a citizen currently living in [YOUR CITY/TOWN, STATE]. I am incredibly concerned of the state of the planet following the IPCC report this year announcing a Code Red for humanity. I have the right to know my future will be secure. I am asking the [SENATOR/REPRESENTATIVE] to support a climate bill, that invests at the scale of the crisis, including

  1. A Clean Electricity Payment Program that cuts pollution and modernizes our grid.

  2. Directing 40% of funding to frontline communities.

  3. No more subsidies for fossil fuel corporations.

  4. A Civilian Climate Corps that puts people to work.

I deserve the right to a livable future and I am imploring you to take swift and immediate action.
Thank you.


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