We are all disgusted and horrified by the events that occurred on Jan 6, 2021 due to the incitement of domestic terrorists by President Trump, his refusal to deploy the National Guard, and the lack of action the Capitol police took against the people who disrupted our democracy, and lack of condemnation he showed. If you would like to request for the 25th amendment to be encouraged by your representatives and senators as well as impeachment and removal from office I’ve compiled a guide to make it easier.

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Here is my template for drafting a letter for your senator or representative for removal of office of Donald Trump for the incitement of the domestic terrorist attack on the Capitol building:


Dear (Senator/Representative ___),

    I am writing to express my deep and profound sadness and anger that our democracy was challenged last night, January 6, and disturbed by both the incitement and lack of action President Donald J. Trump exhibited. Not only the denial of deployment of the National Guard but expressing that he understands and loves the people who are responsible for the death of 4 people, the attempted prevention of votes being cast, and the bloodshed at the Capitol shows he clearly is unfit for office. This incitement has been consistent throughout his campaign and election and was taken seriously by the extremists and domestic terrorists that disgraced our nation.

I demand that the 25th amendment be immediately invoked by members of President Trump’s cabinet, and am calling you as my (representative/senator) to defend the sacred democracy of our nation to demand for immediate removal of President Trump through impeachment and removal from office.

Thank you for your time.

(Your Name)

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