Favorite products

Here are some basic swaps that I love using and have helped me live sustainably. For things that you are able to find secondhand, I recommend that first. But if you’re looking for some help, this is where I recommend starting. All opinions are my own.

(some of these products have affiliate links denoted with *)

Information about sustainability, environmentalism, and zero waste

Favorite Kitchen Products

Glass Straws
Glass Straws*
Blueland Cleaners
Blueland Cleaners
TK Wide Klean Kanteen
Reusable Tumbler
Final Straw
Keychain Straw*
Reusable Dish Cloths*
swedish dish cloths
Swedish Dish Cloths (a reusable alternative to paper towels and sponges)
KeepCup Barista-friendly Reusable Mug

Favorite Bathroom products

A reusable option to tissues (I made my own)
Plaine Products Body Lotion
Plaine Products Refillable Bath and Body Products*
HiBar Shampoo and Conditioner Bars
HiBar Shampoo and Conditioner Bars*
Knix Period Underwear
Bamboo Toothbrush*
Brush with Bamboo Compostable Toothbrush*
Saalt menstrual cup*
Safety Razor
LeafShave Safety Razor